Practitioners who routinely see patients in a state of undress can become blind to the predicament of the patient. We have coined the phrase “nudity blindness” as a state of mind which arises from practitioners having seen hundreds, if not thousands, of patients undressed and not seeing the patient as an individual.


The Bare-Non® Modesty Apron protects patient modesty and dignity as well as protecting practitioners and organisations from potential claims arising from compromised patient modesty. Such claims could result in financial loss and reputational damage, as well as increasing personal stress to all concerned.

Ignoring the need to preserve the modesty and dignity of patients is a risk that can be easily and cost-effectively avoided by providing the Bare-Non® Modesty Apron.


The General Medical Council’s “Guide to Good Medical Practice” dictates that medical practitioners must provide a good standard of practice and care. If assessing, diagnosing or treating a patient the doctor must, where necessary, examine the patient. It also states that doctors must treat patients as individuals and respect their dignity and privacy. Serious or persistent failure to follow this guidance may put the registration of doctors at risk.


There is no need for a patient to remain topless during the majority of examinations. The use of a Bare-Non® Modesty Apron helps to empower a patient who otherwise might be experiencing a number of emotions including being embarrassed, feeling awkward and anxious as well as self-conscious.

The patient may also feel stressed, vulnerable and nervous. These emotions can inhibit open dialogue when discussing symptoms and treatment.


Practitioners can face potential claims arising from instances of compromised patient modesty. Such legal claims can have a serious impact on practitioners and those who have faced such claims have felt vulnerable and anxious as well as experiencing financial hardship. In addition, practitioners could face significant reputational damage.

Practitioners can also be reported to their regulatory body, which in the case of doctors is the General Medical Council however this can apply to all allied health practitioners and their respective regulatory bodies. The stress associated with such a referral can be significant should this occur. This can be avoided with the use of a Bare-Non® Modesty Apron and its associated “Proof of Use” sticker.


Any accusation and claim against a practitioner will also have a consequential and significant impact on the organisation involved including NHS hospitals or private hospital groups. Any accusation and claim could also apply to private physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy and acupuncturist clinics. Protecting patient modesty and dignity by using a Bare-Non® Modesty Apron should enable organisations to be compliant with CQC guidelines (Regulation 10: Dignity and respect) and help them adhere to and define best practice.

Using the Bare-Non® Modesty Apron provides protection against future litigation. Documenting its use in the patient’s records with its “Proof of Use” sticker augments this. A number of private hospital groups have shown interest and already adopted the Bare-Non® Modesty Apron.

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“As a larger lady I’m very conscious about my size.
This is brilliant and would be very useful in theatre”


The Bare-Non® Modesty Apron protects the modesty and dignity of patients, offering triple protection.