The Bare-Non® Modesty Apron is a revolutionary but simple garment that has been uniquely designed to maintain and protect the modesty and dignity of the patient.

Enabling a practitioner to perform a thorough examination front and back whilst protecting patient dignity at all times, whether female or male, young or old, is a very important criteria which is often ignored.

The use of a Bare-Non® Modesty Apron in an examination allows the patient to feel more comfortable and empowered rather than experiencing what is usually considered as an uncomfortable and awkward experience. This helps to create a more harmonious environment between the patient and the practitioner.

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There is no need for a patient to remain topless during the majority of examinations. Using a Bare-Non® Modesty Apron ensures that the patient is adequately covered and enables the patient to feel more comfortable and empowered during the examination process.

Many patients find undressing highly embarrassing and awkward. The Bare-Non® Modesty Apron provides a solution, leading to a more dignified and enhanced experience for all involved.

Our aim is to make the Bare-Non® Modesty Apron widely available within all hospitals and clinics.

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“I wish I had taken a Bare-Non Modesty Apron to
my NHS mammography appointment”


The Bare-Non® Modesty Apron protects the modesty and dignity of patients, offering triple protection.