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The Bare-Non® Modesty Apron has been designed to protect the modesty and dignity of patients when it is necessary for them to be undressed. This includes being examined, undergoing investigations or when having treatment.

The Bare-Non® Modesty Apron has been proven to enhance the patient experience, empowering the patient to be fully engaged even when in a state of relative undress. Its use provides a cost-effective solution, reducing the need for chaperone services and releasing staff back to direct patient care.

The Bare-Non® Modesty Apron protects the practitioner against claims in which patient modesty has been compromised. This is often due to “nudity blindness” on the part of the practitioner. The cost associated with resolving these claims is significant both financially and emotionally to practitioners and organisations alike.

These three aspects combined allows for a concept we have badged "triple protection”

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